Philippine Ambassador’s and Consul’s Residences

The Renaissance Revival mansion, located within the Upper East Side Historic District, was built in 1918 as the Harris Fahnestock House. In the 1980s the house was occupied by Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. During years of vacancy in the 1990s, the residence deteriorated dramatically until the Philippine government planned for its restoration and adaptive use.

Based on analysis of existing conditions and proposed diplomatic residential use, Li/Saltzman Architects developed prioritized phasing for the project. Providing two distinct residences, one for the Philippine Ambassador and one for the Consul, entailed a careful integration of public and private spaces. Li/Saltzman restored the highly ornamental interiors, featuring marble floors and columns, painted fabric wall coverings, and decorative plaster; and designed new contemporary spaces where the historic fabric had been previously removed. The elegant reception rooms now serve as the setting for diplomatic functions.