Lincoln Center For The Performing Arts

When it was conceived in the mid-twentieth century, Lincoln Center was envisioned as an unprecedented public, private and artistic partnership for the performing arts. As the cultural institution approached its 50th anniversary, a redevelopment plan to accommodate the evolution of the performing arts was needed.

As part of Lincoln Center’s professional team, Li/Saltzman Architects developed a planning document to guide proposed restoration and alterations in relation to the property’s historic context. The “Analysis of Existing Conditions, Historical Development, and Future Plans for Lincoln Center” thoroughly documented the changes over time of the campus, identified the character-defining features and materials for each building and open space, documented the existing conditions, and reviewed proposed changes for public spaces and building expansions. The report included analyses of Josie Robertson Plaza, the Columbus Avenue Frontage, Avery Fischer Hall, Metropolitan Opera House, New York State Theater, Damrosch Park, New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Lincoln Center Theater, North Plaza, Milstein Bridge Plaza, and The Juilliard School. Drawing on respect for its mid-century modern architecture, the revitalization of Lincoln Center has been extremely successful.