Established in 1701 and incorporated as a Village in 1915, Scarsdale is one of the first significant suburbs of the New York metropolitan area. The Village boasts a stylistically rich architectural history with over three centuries of residential, institutional, and recreational development. Early to mid-20th century building activity in the Village, responding to factors including commuter railroad and arterial highway connectivity, and demands for post-WWI and WWII housing stock, furthered the Village’s suburbanization.

Li/Saltzman Architects, in collaboration with Andrew S. Dolkart, Director of Columbia University’s Historic Preservation Program, served as Historic Preservation Consultant to the Village for the preparation of a Reconnaissance Level Cultural Resource Survey. Based on archival research and field surveys, the team provided a history of the development of Scarsdale, and identified potential individual landmarks and study areas for historic districts.  Work entailed coordination with the Village Planner and Historian and the New York State Historic Preservation Office, as well as presentation of findings to the community.