Steeplechase Plaza, Coney Island

Steeplechase Park was a popular amusement park located in Coney Island. Created by George C. Tilyou in 1895, the park remained in operation until 1964. Today the iconic open-frame steel structure of the Parachute Jump (constructed in 1939 for the World’s Fair; rebuilt at Steeplechase in 1940) is all that remains of the park. In 1989, the Parachute Jump was designated an individual NYC landmark and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Li/Saltzman Architects provided preservation consulting services for a multi-disciplinary team of architects, planners, engineers, and designers for the $25 million Steeplechase Plaza project sponsored by the NYC Economic Development Corporation. The objective was to create a new park incorporating historic features of Coney Island, i.e., the Parachute Jump and the relocated B&B Carousell (assembled in 1919; moved to Coney Island in 1934). Li/Saltzman’s work included archival research; conservation and design review; and presentations to and liaison with municipal regulatory agencies. When the park is completed, it will bring together the best of old and new Coney Island.